Resources You Need Analyze An Investment Real Estate Deal

We’ve created a few educational resources for our VIP and Preferred Investment Property Buyers. Newer investors should really spend some time understanding these tools and how to evaluate deals. Those with experience might still learn a new trick or two. We hope this will make your life a little better.

Evaluating Deals Correctly Matters

The purchase price almost always determines the success of a deal. A good buy can cover many problems down the road, but a bad buy will haunt you for years. Remember, there is a good price for every property. You need to make sure you pay a good price. Chenoa Investment works hard to provide the best deals you can find, but you still need to know your numbers for yourself. It’s in our best interest as well to help you become the best investor you can… so you keep coming back to us to buy great discounted properties.

Deal Evaluation Resources

What it I need more?

There are nearly unlimited resources on the internet to help investors. One of the best is They offer community, content, training, and some great calculators.