How To Make The Most of Investor – Agent Relationships in Omaha

Investor - Agent Relationships_ How This Partnership Can Change Your Business in Omaha

People rarely realize the benefit of an investor – agent relationship. This post shares the benefits and structure of this valuable relationship!

Investor – agent relationships can be beneficial for both parties. In fact, their other clients can also benefit from better service, more options, and more leads. One sales method will work for one person, while a different method works for someone else. Different approaches work for different investors, but we think every investor should consider the benefits of working with an agent. In Omaha, Chenoa Investment happily works with agents all over Nebraska!

Although their are clear benefits, many agents and investors are leery of working together. Agents might think investors are taking leads (often at a discount) before they reach the market–stealing their business. Investors may see agents as competition, also taking “pocket deals” for themselves. Both views stigmatize the other and miss the amazing potential of working together.

How Can Agents and Investors Work Together

Securing leads is challenging and expensive. Investors and agents may both invest thousands of dollars a month and many hours trying to secure just one successful deal. Both agents and investors look for people who need to sell their homes — either by listing on the local MLS or by selling it quickly As-Is. When working together to offer more diverse services, they are often able to convert more leads and close more deals.

When we identify someone who wants to sell their house or lot in Omaha, we discuss all of the options available with them. We May make a direct offer, but we also share the pros and cons of other approaches. A cash offer isn’t the right choice for every seller. They may have more time and want to fix up their property before selling. If they would prefer a traditional sale, we are able to recommend them to a trustworthy agent partner. This lets us better serve our clients who need to sell a house fast in Omaha.

A healthy relationship between an investor and an agent would be mutually beneficial. That means leads flow both ways, with more focus on meeting the client’s goals than self-success. If you truly want to help your clients, it should be easy to connect them with someone that will best suit their needs. If you aren’t quite ready to share freely, read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg. It will help you appreciate the value of an abundance mindset. Working together, the agent and investor are more likely to meet the client’s needs met. Once you find the right investor or agent to partner with, the benefits are numerous.

What Are The Benefits Of Investor – Agent Relationships

It’s important to know all of the options when considering selling a home. When investors and agents work together, they are able to offer home sellers with more options. One benefit of this approach is maximizing the value of every lead and helping more people sell their homes. Actually, clients love receiving a direct offer and running the numbers to determine if they should accept or go ahead with a listing. About 95% of homes are sold through a traditional process, but for those that don’t fit into the mold, it can be a relief to know they can sell their home without the normal process. That yields more happy clients and more positive reviews.

Why It’s So Important…

The real estate market is undergoing dramatic changes. The rise of iBuyers such as Zillow, Keller-Williams, and Opendoor is changing consumer expectations, especially for younger consumers who expect to be able to sell a home quickly online. Of course, the process is often fraught with unpleasant surprises and a lower price than necessary. Big box store efficiency is great when you are buying from them, but not as fun when you are selling to them. Consumers can receive an offer for their house right away, with just a little information provided online. The ease and convenience of this process are increasing the popularity of direct sales in real estate. Agents and investors need to think about ways to stand out and better serve their clients if they hope to stay competitive. By offering a range of solutions for home selling to sellers, they will be able to make the right selling decision for their property and situation.

Who Will Be The Best Partner

When an agent and investor choose to work together, the goal should be a mutually beneficial outcome. Look for someone who knows the ins and outs of the real estate business. They should be passionate about their work and have a sincere desire to help others. Conventional knowledge is they should be extremely knowledgeable about what they do, helping you to provide your client with accurate and current information. While that’s true, you don’t want a partner who overlaps your skills. For example, a newer agent with more time to collaborate and now investment properties of their own may be a better fit than someone more likely to compete with you. Most importantly, it needs to be someone you can trust and count on to have your back for years to come.

At Chenoa Investment, we love to work with Omaha real estate agents who want to better serve their clients. We offer fast and fair direct-buy services to people who have a property to sell in Omaha but want to avoid the listing process for some reason. Maybe they need to sell quickly or they don’t want to invest time and money fixing up their house. Either way, when a high-quality agent and a high-quality investor come together, they can offer exemplary service, helping sellers in all situations.

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